I have been a smoker for many years and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I drive my elderly father to his appointments and every time he gets in my car he complains about the ash tray. I bought some Wiff Sniff Blocker and surprisingly my dad asked if I removed the ashtray. Thank you for giving me peace of mind!

Dan, 67 years
Ventura County, CA

I went to a friend’s house whose dog had been peeing in his hallway. After I gave him my own bottle of Wiff Sniff Blocker, he called a week later to let me know he no longer smells dog piss in the hallway.

Ozzy, 42 years
Sherman Oaks, CA

I’ve had a couple friends tell me about this product. With my office next to the kitchen at work, the smells from everybody microwaving food takes over. But, when I spray with Wiff Sniff Blocker it totally refreshes the air.

Johanna, 39 years
Tarzana, CA

I go to bars and Vegas a lot and, when I leave, I either smell like an ashtray or perfume. My life
is so much easier once I started spraying Wiff Sniff Blocker before or after the bar. That way
nobody at home can smell anything.

Peter, 33 years
Santa Monica, CA

I have a passion for fishing but my wife hates everything about it because of the smells. Since I handle the bait and fish so much, before I go home I spray Wiff Sniff Blocker all over my
clothing, hands, and the fishing bag. My wife doesn’t complain about me smelling like fish
anymore. I don’t think I could go fishing without my best buddy Wiff Sniff Blocker.

Jeff, 55 years
Lake Havasu, NV

My boyfriend and I love to smoke hookah’s but we’re not allowed to in our apartment building. We use Wiff Sniff Blocker to refresh the air and I love it because we get away with smoking without getting caught.

Apple, 22 years
Burbank, CA

My house was flooded, I used it to neutralize the mildew smell and it really worked. I was so impressed that I have to talk about it to everybody I know.

Melissa, 32 years
Reseda, CA

I have three cats and they’re really fussy about going to the bathroom after one another. They
have be more willing to go in the same cat box. I thought to try Wiff Sniff Blocker spray in their
box to neutralize the air. Now, there is no smell coming from their box. My guests are also grateful for that. I’m forever a customer of Wiff Sniff Blocker.

Monica, 47 years
West Hills

It’s my secret spray after I use the restroom at school or go into a porta potty.

Stephanie, 17 years
Malibu, CA

I have heightened sense of smell, which has debilitated me for years. A friend gave me Wiff Sniff Blocker to spray around me when my senses are on overload. Thank you for the relief! It Makes No Scents!!!

Kelly, 43 years
West Hollywood, CA