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About Me

A Little About My Journey.

Once I understood that it was my limited view that prevented my life from flowing, not the reality of the world around me, everything changed for the better.

I decided to start with “HOW” to cut down on my victim-mentality-attitude. This was the start of my journey of changing my attitude to accept moving past my limitations. I excepted to be my absolute reality. I shifted my mindset to, why not me too? Centering myself and becoming mindful of what I’m doing has been a game changer. Once, I welcomed self-compassion and I allowed it to overtake me, knowing that everything is possible and everything is unknown until I created it.

It was about focus, taking realistic, constructive steps to deal with life instead of succumbing to it. When I became more positive, a massive shift began inside my soul. Big mindset shifts began allowing me to see all the opportunities I longed for. My mind became aware of my true possibilities. When I lived in a negative state my focus was the problem, kept my energy focusing on all “It’s too difficult” or “I couldn’t”.

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The shift in my soul drove me towards focusing on my WHY, which helped me find a workable solution to succeed at my desires.

My tell-it-like-it-is attitude can be hard for some to get used too. At 53 years old, I find it a refreshing approach that allows me to authentically connect with people everywhere. If we can’t get real and honest, we will remain STUCK.

I’m super pumped and proud of my NEW website…Here is “My WHY” The Why Project was created.

THE WHY PROJECT exists to provide people with the tools to make positive a lasting change. They do this commenting themselves to find what moves them. The next step is understanding their limited view is what prevents them from changing their mindset from “box theory” vs “high as the sky theory”. When YOU believe that you can benefit from personal growth, changing your mindset and trusting your shift will naturally unfold exposing your natural gifts, you will be rewarded with this inner peace that becomes contagious.

Join me on this journey of finding OUR Why. Your future self will thank you. Finding your WHY will lead you to the life YOU have desired but didn’t have the courage, time or luxury to explore.

LOVE N LOVE. Join The Club!

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Larry Stewart Lawrence


Larry Stewart Lawrence’s true nature was making love shine in his worklife and homelife. He not only had a knack for answering everyday whims, like fabricating a copper third-hand to make shampooing easier, friends say, “Larry made the best chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake on the planet” and “...sang Bob Dylan better than Bob Dylan”. And, as well, he made love visible creating beautiful lost-wax jewelry; inlay designs; ornamental iron works; furniture restorations; sculptures of all sizes and musical instruments.

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